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Our company provides customized services for importing products in Europe and USA and also one of the best expertise in this domain, in order to help your business thrive in today’s competitive and fast-paced global market:



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  • Professional product photography
    Equipment: Camera Canon 5D Mark IV
    Lenses: Canon 100mm f/2.8, Canon 50mm f/1.2, Canon 24mm f/1.4
  • Logo & packaging design
  • Translations, proofreading, content writing (ENG, ESP, ROM)


We provide you with precise information and on-the-spot details that will help you to identify better ways to manage production, minimize loss and maximize profit, all by maintaining the highest quality for your products and services.

We look forward to collaborate and find the best way to drive your business to the top!

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MarCheck has a 5 year experience in global procurement and over the past two years our attention is focused on imports from China.

We are an experienced team in the trade with China, we offer consultancy in 5 foreign languages (ENG, CH, DE, RO, HU) and fast services at high European and American quality standards.

The impeccable fulfillment of quality control protocols brought us many recommendations on different online specialty groups:

Very professional company delivering a great service. The inspection for my products was done in a very detailed manner with a high quality report showing exactly what was done.

(Nawaf Masri, Dubai)

Excellent collaboration! I did Quality Check with MarCheck and it was the best choice. Ispection is ISO-AQL standards. They have a lot of tools and solutions for every problem.

(Mihai Bratu, Romania)

I was pleased to work with MarCheck on QC and transport. I received a very detailed report for QC, on the transport side the supplier gave me other dimensions than the real ones. We are very satisfied with their services, we will collaborate in the future 200%.

(Sorin Beclea, Romania)

Through our efforts with Asian representatives, we are familiar with the country's cultural differences and its unique mode of operation, considerably different from the West. Thus, by choosing the services offered by our company you meet a trustful partner in managing trade relations with representatives in China.

Our Services

Quality Check

Our company does a series of inspections at different stages of the production process: from raw material and actual production to preparation for delivery. Due to the inspection services you are ensured that your products and supplier meet all safety and quality standards.



- DPI -

The inspection made when 20%-80% of the products have been completed. We inspect and evaluate the quality of semi-finished and finished items, according to your specifications. DPI confirms that quality as well as complience to specifications are being mantained through the production process. It also provides early detection of any issue that requires correction, therefore it reduces delays in delivery. DPI includes: production status, production line evaluation and timeline verification, random sampling of semi-finished and finished products (AQL), package and packaging material details verification, overall assessment and recommendations for the next steps.

- PSI -

The inspection made when 100% of the products are completed, packed and ready for shipment. Our inspectors select random samples from the completed products according to the international statistical standard known as AQL – MIL – STD – 105E (ISO2859-1). PSI confirms that finished products are complying with the given specifications. This service includes: quantity verification, style, colour, manual labour, general aspect, function and safety, size specifications (if required), package details, shipping tags (FBA label).

- SI -

The inspection is done pre or post packaging. It is an individual inspection of each product to assess the general aspect, function, safety, etc., according to the given specifications. SI allows the removal of all defective products before shipment. All products that pass through the SI are then sealed with private stickers, ensuring that every product included in the shipment meets all the specified quality requirements.


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The audit service provides you a complete picture of your supplier. You will receive information such as production capacity and general quality of the products, the manufacturing process management procedures and operating modes. The service allows you to select a qualified and trustworthy provider.

The supplier audit allows you to evaluate production facilities according to ISO 9000 standards which confirm that the factory has production capacity, technical know-how and quality, according to your production requirements.

Sourcing & Negociation



Sourcing begins when the opportunity to purchase a product or a service occurs, for which procurement of a RFQ from the manufacturer or supplier is required.

Request for quotation

A significant document that contains important customer data: prices and other necessary information about the vendor.

Identification of potential suppliers

Identifying providers with the required profile who will be invited to participate in a RFQ.

Offers analysis

The offers received are compared to determine whether there are economical options that maintain an optimal level of quality.

Selection of the preferred supplier

Upon recommendations, the customer decides who is the supplier he will work with.


Finding the best way to ship your products leads to budget streamline and also identifies shipping timing options in order to maximize your profit.

AIR Freight

When time is critical and you need the fastest route, we’ll find a flight that will meet your deadline, at the best possible rate. If you have a limited budget and you are not out of time, we provide you with a reliable, cost-effective route by using non-direct flights or through our dedicated airfreight consolidation services.

SEA Freight

If you are shipping large or heavy volumes of goods and you can afford a longer shipment time, ocean freight will be your most cost-effective option. With regular Full Container Load (FCL) and Less-than-Container Load (LCL) shipment services all around the globe, we’ve got your ocean freight needs under control.


We know how important can be an urgent shipment. Express air freight is the most certain way to ensure that your urgent delivery reaches its destination fast. Working through select partnerships on a large scale for several years, we have developed close relationships with all leading worldwide courier companies.

Shipping and goods insurance

You will be reimbursed for the total value of the goods, as well as the shipping costs, if the worst happens at any stage of the supply chain. We provide cargo insurance against all risks, including: loss, damage or theft of your shipment, for just a fraction of the value of your goods.


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